Canon 70D: NOT the camera of the year

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Re: Canon 70D: NOT the camera of the year

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Let's use your approach and say that in the best case scenario EVF resolution catches up with OVF resolution. The issue will remain that EVFs exhibit lags where OVFs are instantaneous. It simply takes milliseconds of processing time to capture the image, process it, relay it and display it in the EVF. So for tasks like sports, birds in flight - anything that needs critical timing, the OVF is likely to be faster - probably always.

Not probably, 100% for sure.

OVF = the speed of light.

EVF = the speed of light + processing time.

Ergo, an OVF will ALWAYS be faster, period.

Your reaction, about 0.25 seconds, is much slower than both, so it does not matter - if you want to shoot action, you have to anticipate anyway, and the amount of anticipation varies by insignificant percentage (smaller percentage than the variability caused by different shutter release lags in different cameras).

It's not just the movement of the subject in the viewfinder, but moving the viewfinder via panning etc. Can an EVF keep up without 'tearing' the screen? I've read reference to that and am asking that as an honest question.

I've also read (it's been a while since I had an EVF) that some EVF's when burst shooting do not show an actual view of the subject between shots, but the one you just took, which is rather useless.

There must be SOME reasons the pro's haven't all jumped to mirrorless cameras with EVF's. All I know is that I feel absolutely no reason to change away from my OVF, I am not looking for something 'better', I am entirely happy with what I have.

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