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Re: From Sean Reid's E-1 overview ...

Well, it has been many very interesting statements!

@ John King: Thanx for the images .. really very nice .. !

Shall i put oil into "D200 vs. .."?

Actually it´s just an observation i made many years ago - i can´t recall which year it really was.

Anyway, these days i still used an ASLR with no intentions to go digital at all.

I had a nice walk into the old part of our town .. and suddenly i saw a sign about a photo-exhibition in a gallery .. even for free. It was about a trip to Antarctica and the pictures were taken by a known photographer.

It has been very impressive photographs displayed on the walls of the gallery. I am not sure how big the prints were, but 20x30" minimum i am sure.

While i followed "the journey" the first time i was somehow overwhelmed by the clearity, cleanness and sharpness of these pictures. But when i did the tour the second time to find the reason for "some unnamable feelings" i realized, that these images where just to "clean" .. it made them somehow flat .. or as it is used here "plastic".

My purpose was NOT to find SOMETHING about the photos .. there was zero reason to.

The cam these pictures have been taken with was the D200 ..

I have never owned or used one myself - but i could play with one of a costumer for quite a while. Yes, it felt good, and i could have imagined to get one myself these days.

It could be that it was the way these pictures were printed, maybe even the light in the gallery, many options. But it was "a bit funny" to see Nikon D200 and "plastic look" connected here - as my memories immediatley started to bring these impressive pictures of an "expedition to the cold" into my mind ..

I couldn´t find any more orf-files from E-1, so i used the ones ready for download on the guy´s page who replaced the E-1´s AA-filter by one from the E-3.

As he didn´t show comparsions before/after i don´t know how much of the sharpness is due to these hardware-changes. But i was impressed how good the files looked developped with "studio" and actually even a bit better with LR 4.4.

I upsized two of them using photozoom 5 .. and again have been surprised how still good they looked at 100%, now blown up to 13x19" 300ppi!

So i guess i have to give it a try .. the only way to really find out, isn´t it.

I could get one: great condition, 13.500 frames, with battery grip (which i am not sure if i would use as the machine looks huge with it) and Zuiko 40-150 Mk I for about 200 $. And there are a few in ebay, one of them with only 5.300 frames done .. i see how much it will be in the end ..

And there is another guy who is willing to sell his hardly used 2,0/50 macro for about 400 $. That should do for some first impressions, shouldn´t it

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