Print Help, Canon IPF 6400, X-Rite Iphoto Pro2

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Re: Print Help, Canon IPF 6400, X-Rite Iphoto Pro2

I've a 6400, but use Spyder, rather than I-Photo.

"Question 1: First, do I print out color samples using the I photo pro 2 software and spectrometer and create a custom profile based on that ink/color combination?"

Yes, though it's the ink/paper combo.

"Question 2: Or do I just use the Canon IPF 6400 profile for that particular type of paper (satin 240 gsm)?"

No, though those not profiling papers will often try the stock Canon Profiles.

"Question 3: How do you turn off color management for an IPF 6400 printer?"

In the driver's Printing Preferences/Main Tab screen, under "Color Mode", select "No Color Correction"

"Question 4: big picture question: what's the best way to learn all of this?"

I'd suggest looking for an I-Photo or Color Management forum.  Also, suspect there are several web sites and perhaps PDF files discussing the basics.  I agree it the basics are confusing at first, so read, read, read...

"It seems really complicated. Calibrating monitors is easy. However, getting a print to match the monitor seems so complex. I also don't know whether to use photoshop or the IPF plug-in for printing."

I use Qimage for printing, but think either PS or the plugin should give excellent results.  I recall the plugin has some features not available in PS, but forget what they are.  Either approach should give the same printing results.

Finally, after profiling papers and in order to best match prints to the monitor, I add a PS curve layer to each print file that slightly lightens the mid to high value tones, leaving the darker tones alone.  I developed the curve by printing numerous test prints, changing the print curve each time until I got the "best" match between the print (w/ curve) and the monitor (w/o curve).  The curve is generic and used for all papers on the IPF6400.

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