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Re: A Paul Dibble Scultpure

19andrew47 wrote:

While I understand your point, if you don't take a shot of it and it is not something you see every day, then the only thing you have left is your memory of it. At my age I appreciate seeing something I may never see in person. That is the reason art books exist is it not? Now making an image of a piece of art work is completing an exercise in making it more accessible for others. As well, I know all too well that memories fade and images taken can restore lost memories!

A well taken and processed image is always just that. The content has meaning for some and not for others. Making an image of a work of art, a building, an automobile, a living creature or people passing by, or a landscape .... all pretty much the same thing. It is how you make it, process it and envision it that separates one from another.

I don't disagree at all. We all take photos that mean something to us that mean little to other people. I was thinking more from the creative side. Unless there's a chance to use composition there's not much in the resulting photo than can't be gotten by looking up the same thing on the 'net.

Hope no offense was taken; my comment was meant more as an observation about photographing the work of others.

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