Would you swap the D300 for D7100?

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Re: Would you swap the D300 for D7100?

Emil Varadi wrote:

I've been planning to upgrade from my D300 to D800E, but large cost difference keeps me from making this leap right away. So I'm thinking about buying a D7100 in the meantime.

I have noticed that some people, who shoot D800E or D800, use the D7100 as backup and are quite satisfied. The D7100 gets high praise anyway, some say its better than the D600 especially considering the price difference.

However, I have noted opinions that there is not much point in switching from D300 to D7100 as differences will be minor.

Has anyone swapped their D300 for the D7100?

What is your experience? Was this change worthwhile?

I was in same troubles. My D300s begun sporadically loss lenses and needed to supplement. D4 seems logical and worthy replacement, but even D800 was too tigh on budget.

Then comes D7100. It was wonderful surprise from Nikon. First jobs were still done with D300s, then I've found left backfocus on D7100 (just as D800 common problem). I documented these issues and send D7100 to Nikon service for AF repair and it returns with tack sharp focus across the frame. Then my D300s almost die and I forced use D7100 for all types of shots.

The problem of smaller handgrip solved with self-made ~1cm height cut from sheet foam plastic. For attachment I use spare tripod plate. Red color was the just the only useable paint at hands.

So now D7100 fits in hand even more comfortable than D300s. No way back for me.

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