10 Days till I make a purchase, please help me decide.

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Not equal ...

Your choice is not between DSLR of mirrorless, but between full frame and APS-C-size sensor. That really should be a no-brainer unless you have no need for full frame. Full frame has many advantages, like lower noise at high iso, higher dynamic range, more wide angel range , etc. It's hard to explain, but someone who has seen the results of a full frame camera knows that it has a certain image quality that is unique to full frame and is hard to achieve from smaller sensors. It's clean, sharp and smooth.

The Fuji is probably the best APS-C camera, producing very good IQ even at hight ISO. But next to full frame it's clear which has the best IQ. To be honest though, we are talking IQ at 100% view. That's pixel peeping. If you don't need the ultimate IQ and use your images mostly downsized to normal print sizes or shown on HDTV, like most people do, who needs full frame quality all the time then?

I use full frame and mirrorless next to eachother, but on different occasions. As you mentioned already, it's often nice to blend into a crowd or to walk in small streets without looking like a journalist or a pro photographer.

So get both if you can afford it.

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