Client Insists on shooting with medium format film, why? this is 2013

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Re: If you don't want to shoot film then DON'T!

HA!  I knew this would stir the pot!  I love it.  lol!

Having been at this for 25 years now (actually working), I'm fully aware of MF.  Shot all my commercial work 4x5 and all my portraits with my RZs up until about 2002.  Great cameras.  The results were, and still are, beautiful.  Yep, even did a few weddings with them.  Didn't do too many back then.

But when your called by a client, "good" wedding photographers don't just give them a  price over the phone, (which, these days, seems to be what most do out there and wonder why they don't call back), but you actually meet with them and go over their needs and wants.  Now here is the thing, if you as the client viewed my work and loved it and want me to produce similar results, WHY would the camera format matter?

"We love your work!  Your albums are great!  You really captured the essence of those weddings.  We want you to do the same for us.  But you HAVE TO use medium format."

"But I used my dslrs to capture those images".

"Well, sorry.  We have to be shot with MF cameras"

"So your saying that the most important thing about your wedding photos is the type of camera the photographer uses?"


"I wish you well.  Good-bye."

I always ask my potential clients what thee most important thing is about their wedding photos.  It's never price.  And it is certainly NEVER the format of the camera.  So, good luck to them.  I do hope the photographer they hire has all the MF gear it takes AND is able to capture the type of images THEY want.  Because in the end, it will only be about the content, not the capture device.  Content is ALWAYS king.  ALWAYS.

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