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StacheCache wrote:

I bought a Canon 6D about 6 weeks ago and I too am having problems with a SanDisk SD card. While on a trip to France three weeks ago, I took over 1,000 photos. I shot RAW and split the images pretty evenly between two 16GB SanDisk cards. Both cards came from Amazon, are brand new "Extreme" 16 GB models, 45MB/sec. I formatted both cards before using.

Problem is about 10% of the images on one card will not download. They are also not visible on the camera's LCD. Most of the missing images were from a 90-minute sunset shoot of the Paris skyline from atop Mont Parnasse tower. Of about 50-75 images shot, I am able to find and download fewer than 10.

I tried a "Card Rescue" website. These companies all seem to draw you in with "Free Download" but that's not the whole story. The free part is the software download and a preliminary scan. The scan does help find missing photos. But if you want to actually "rescue" missing photos to process and save, the cost jumps to $40 or more.

Anyhow, the first scan showed the missing photos in thumbnail size. That confirmed that I had not completely lost my mind--thinking photos were missing when they might not be! Before plunking down $40, I decided to contact SanDisk to see if they could help.

Well forget that. The only support they have is online chat. Talk about a waste of time and a frustrating process. Bottom line from the rep I chatted with: "Pay the $40 for a "rescue" then reformat the card. The problem is just some corrupted data. Everything will be fine after formatting. Oh, by the way, formatting will delete all the photos on the card." When asked about a warranty, the tech said I should reformat the card, take more photos and see what happens. If the problem occurs again, then they might think about replacement. ARE YOU KIDDING? Do I really trust this card enough to go through this again?

The camera is great and as far as I can tell the problem is with this one card. The second card had no issues at all in the same camera. Every shot taken was there to be downloaded when I got home.

So I'm thinking I need to send these cards (both of them) back to Amazon for replacement by a more reliable (and more customer-friendly) brand.

Any suggestions?

Commiserations on your images loss but hopefully you should be able to retrieve them.
I'm sure you know that for successful recovery you should not try writing any more data to the card.
The Sandisk Extreme cards I have bought recently have come with a voucher enabling a free download of Sandisks "Rescue Pro" recovery software. Did you have such a thing and have you tried using it?

There are regular threads on these forums regarding recovering lost images from cards and one program that is often mentioned is called "Zero assumption recovery" which often succeeds where others have failed. It is however, a paid for program ($59.95 US) and it's use will obviously depend on how much you value your images.
People often come on the forum looking for a free program for card recovery, in which case I presume they put a low value on their images and they don't care if they cannot recover them.

However, that said I have personally had successful recovery results from a few free programs:

I can particularly recommend the last one which recovered the entire contents of a hard drive on which the Master Boot Record had become corrupted, although I have not tried it on a memory card. It's free as long as you tell them it is for personal use, although there are also paid versions.

If all else fails you'll have to stump up payment, unless your missing images are of no value to you.

I've always used Sandisk cards, and I'm currently using 32GB and 16GB Extreme 45MB/s cards in my Canon 6D.
Like many other people, I have always Sandisk to be very reliable. If you want a "more reliable" brand I wouldn't know what to suggest.

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