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Re: Brands/power/modifiers color temperature

Sailor Blue wrote:

Lots of white papers and some white fabrics have UV whiteness enhancers added to them.

Didn't know that, thanks !

I bought a set of cheap Chinese strip softboxes because the manufacturer of my studio strobes doesn't sell strip softboxes. The first tests with the new strip softboxes showed that there was a very noticeable color cast.

Testing with a ColorChecker Passport showed me that my studio strobes had a color temperature of about 5200 with the 7" metal reflector, about 5300-5400 with the manufacturer's softboxes or the strip softboxes without any diffusers, and 6200 with the strip softbox diffusers installed.

I will do the same thing, with every flash / modifier combination that I have ( I will even measure the bounced light off of my reflector ) to have a complete list of what can be mixed together (probably not much outside of the same brand).

Doing a simple WB correction left a tint so that skin tones were no longer accurate. The only way to get accurate colors was to do a full color profile with the ColorChecker Passport.

I am pretty sure the WB and color tint problems are due to UV enhancers in the diffuser fabric. I'm still trying to find a solution, which may involve begging the studio strobe manufacturer to sell me some diffuser material so I can make new diffusers.

I asked Elinchrom the same to sell me some diffuser material, and they told me that they used to sell it at a per surface price, but that they've stopped ! Too bad.

If at all possible I recommend you stick with one manufacturer for your diffusers. If you mix diffuser manufacturers don't be surprised if you have problems with colors matching. You can even have problems if you buy a new diffuser that is exactly the same as an old one since fabrics yellow and change the color balance with time.

Didn't think of the difference that will come from aging. Again, good point.

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Cheers !

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