Please evaluate photos and be critical!

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Re: Please evaluate photos and be critical!

I wanted to do a tighter crop but at 10mp I feel that I shouldn't be pushing it. Point taken though.

Cropping doesn't reduce the resolution of what is left, it just makes the picture smaller by removing part of the photo.  So you won't be able to make a big print without losing detail, but it looks great if you don't blow it up:

Pretty dog and everyone likes pet pictures. This one is adorable. I also like the crop one of the others suggested. I'd crop the entire left side almost to the dog's ear. This is your second with the subject in the middle. That's usually a no no unless your subject is extremely compelling. This one is not.

I like the side lighting and the catch lights in the eyes are ok, but would look better maybe round. Sometimes popping a strobe at that window will create better catchlights, but yours aren't bad. Looking a little harder, I'd even crop a bit of right side and top. Always get in tight.

I just realised I don't know what catchlight refers to hahaha.. it's just daylight in this case.

Okay I'd crop tighter next time.

A few additional things I didn't see mentioned:

Besides cropping the left side, the dog feels a bit too low in the frame to me.  Shooting in portrait orientation and moving the camera down a little would probably make for a better shot.  Additionally, the piece of furniture directly behind the dog blends with it.  Ideally, you want to make the background neutral and contrasting with the subject so that the subject pops.  Also, I'd like the nose to be in better focus.

Another ubiquitous flower shot. At least the main one is sharp, not centered and my eye starts there. The problem is, where does my eye go next? Mine goes to that red thingie in the tree. Red always grabs attention. You should have gotten rid of it in Photoshop. Next my eye goes to the bright yellow. Why, because the eye goes to bright over non bright things. So, the eye goes to sharp, then red then bright. That's pretty normal, but I'm thinking the red and yellow parts are not secondary or tertiary interest points. I'd have use the content away clone or heal tool to delete the red thing, them subdue the yellow by dodging it. The yellow is blown so I doubt there's any detail but you could may try to pull them out.

Ooh but isn't that lying? I mean the scene had that... I don't know. It does sound like it'd improve the image but it's kinda dishonest as well?

There have been way too many threads about honesty in photography.  Assume that every photograph you see has been edited and you're good to go.  If this is for your collection, keep it as real as possible if you like (acknowledging that the camera itself modifies reality considerably) or edit it until it's unrecognizable.  Do whatever you want.  It doesn't matter.

I've seen some really good photos of fields of flowers utilizing this technique (both foreground and background outside the focal plane).  I've never tried it, but I'm sure it's difficult to do well.  This one is good enough that I give you high marks for giving it an excellent try.  Keep up the creative experimentation.  Ideally, there would be a group of the most beautiful flowers perfectly in focus and they would be perfectly framed by the out of focus patches of flowers both in front and behind with no other distractions in the image.  As I said, not easy but I admire your effort.

There may have been a missed opportunity here that probably would have been easier to shoot.  My eyes keep trying to focus on the impressive building in the background even though it's way out of focus.  There's a little bit of golden light visible in the background.  I'd love to see a shot of the large building with the golden light on it using the flowers as a foreground pop of color to make the shot even more dramatic.

This is my favorite, but I'd chop the heck out of it. I'd crop the entire right half off of it. That large rock and the far side of the water don't add a thing. It's the leaves that math that far grass and the tree that matter. I'd also crop about a 10% off the bottom. I think you'd end up with a much more powerful vertical image. I like it.

I'd have to kindly disagree once more. I like the large rocks, it kinda imparts this feeling of serenity to the scene which otherwise is bursting with colours and details.

I like the rocks.  There are several triangular areas in this image that make for a very interesting composition.  The large rock on the bottom right serves as a nice anchor to the photo, but I wish it wasn't cut off so abruptly.  Also, the patches of light coming through the clouds and shining on the far mountains are great visual elements, but they're difficult to see clearly from this distance and focal length.


For some reason, of all the shots I've ever taken this is my favourite. Whenever I ask my friends/family/other people though, they seem to prefer either the mountain shot or the lakeshore shot above, guess I'm alone here on this haha.

You are not alone.  This is a pretty spectacular image.  The light frosting just the top of the mountain is amazing.  I wish the mountain was larger in the frame, but there's no denying the beauty of the scene.

This is another I'm not happy with so much. I don't think it's framed well. The best part of it is the pretty sky. You need to learn to move around and get low. You might make a picture from just cropping out everything but the upper left quadrant. I don't know.

Frankly, I don't like this shot as well, just thought I wanted to hear what others have to say. I find the colour cast of the plants annoying as well as their messiness. Yeah probably should have made it more of the sky.

I might crop a little off the bottom, but other than that I like this image.  Everything in the frame points to the saddle which serves as the vanishing point and is located at the vertical and horizontal third.  I like the reflection too.  I also like the general feel- the feeling of the long, desolate valley going way off into the distance.

With 6 months experience, my final comment is... wow!  Great job,


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