Why is my NEX not as good as RX100 or even LX5?

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Re: OP is useless speculation

There have been many discussions on the comparison between RX100 and NEX-5R/6 with a kit zoom.

The question came up multiple times. Many people buy DSLRs or MILCs without ever buying another lens. It is not a useless comparison.

Several people who own both cameras have indicated that NEX sensor performs close to 2 stops better then RX100 sensor so an F3.5 at 3200 ISO on the kit might be a little below or close to F1.8 and ISO800 in terms of noise and very close on DOF as well due to sensor size diff.

That is not to say that RX100 Zeiss is not sharper...it may very well be but it is not a useless comparison nonetheless. Based on the numbers NEX-6 with kit and RX100 should be very close at lower focal length with NEX-6 overtaking RX100 on the longer end.

Now 3N might actually perform worse then 6 or 5R so those results might be slightly different.

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