Mix 'Nikon CLS' with 'Radio Triggers'?

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Re: 'Y' or 'Dual' TTL cords

ScratchDisk wrote:

Hi, That sounds very flexible. I didn't have any luck with an Odin TCU for Canon on a Y or Dual cord

but I have been lucky using 2 Canon Speedlites on dual cords from a single Odin Rx. ETTL, M, HSS & SCS all work as they should More bang for your buck (or quicker recycling).
These dual cords are a bit of a law unto themselves IMO.

How are you liking 'Odin for Nikon' overall?

Care to share where you got your dual cord from for your PW.  I have been told by the guys at PW that it is not possible to have ETTL through a dual cord using 1 Flex TT5.  So I like to try it.

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