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Group response re: Green, with Envy.

Thanks for looking and commenting on the picture; feedback of any kind is always helpful and welcome.

There's a solid consensus for tighter crop on this one, particularly at the top and on the right, so it seems I have some 'splainin' to do.

The shot was and had to be from the sidewalk, somewhat lower than the house, which is partly why the sidewalls and eave don't square up (also a sagging rain gutter). In an attempt to eradicate the angle distortion, I did try a crop which isolated the window on the flat wall.

Two reasons why I didn't use that crop: First, it sucked all the depth out of the picture; a house became merely a wall. Second and more crucial, it removed cues to the size and humble nature of the cottage which I wanted very much to retain. The window with the cats is the largest window on the house, on the largest wall on the front of the house, probably the living room.

I think because I'm familiar with the ambiance of this street, the character of the house may be more significant to me than to a casual observer of the photo, and that's why the picture feels more true to me to whatever degree it can evoke its neighborhood.

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