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Re: a more interesting question is:

Great Bustard wrote:

Bobn2 wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

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rovingtim wrote:

Does 'more resolution' significantly increase the IQ of the picture? More resolution is easy to measure ... perhaps the easiest IQ element to measure. Perhaps that is why so many people are so obsessed with it.

First you'd need to decide what you mean by 'IQ'.



Something of a read, I know, but sometimes a sentence or two just doesn't do the topic justice, in my opinion.

The use of the term is interesting, some people some to use it as though it is something orthogonal to resolution, but for myself I think that resolution is probably the most important component of image quality.

Myself, I disagree.

It wasn't so much a personal opinion as one based on an experiment I ran. When asked to rank images for image quality people seemed to rank by resolution more than any other parameter.

Perhaps overall, that's the case. But for any particular photo, I think it's easy to see how some other element of IQ might matter more.

Again, it depends what you mean by 'image quality'. The best qualities for a given image might not be the best overall IQ, whatever that means.

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