Canon 60d Or 7D? Specific needs

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Re: Canon 60d Or 7D? Specific needs

Jone Chan wrote:

i think everyone's pretty much said what needs to be said about the two... I have a 7D but not tried the 60D but imagine its still a good camera

the still images will pretty much look the same.
60D will be lighter
60D fully articulated screen would be a plus if you're shooting at weird angles
7D is built sturdier but is heavier... add an L lens to that and you wont care about the weather - I have my 24-105L on it and just walk around in the rain

As for the CF over SD... CF is built sturdier and you'll find that in general, its faster than the SD. Eg the extreme III in SD vs the Extreme III in CF, the CF is faster. You'll be surprised how many frames you can shoot a second.

See the 60d vs 7d from this article:

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