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Re: I hate to digress ..

John King wrote:

Where's the detail?

Same as with your D800 pics, Sergey, they appear to lack critical sharpness and detail.

Now I know darn well that you can take sharp photographs, as I have seen you produce plenty with your E-500 and D300. Why is it that you do not seem to notice that your phone cam images and D800 images lack this sort of crisp, fine detail?

Perhaps you should read how Pekka Potka focuses his D800E here:


He uses live view to focus, because:

"Yes, I used live view when I focused on my test targets with D800E. (Except for the last comparison.) OVF and "normal" focusing can actually not be trusted at all. I focused separately centers and corners of test target. And I´m aware that there is a focus shift with 35m f/1.4 Nikon lens when stopped down, which I tried to compensate. Oh well, it is so laborous to get everything out of that beast. Traditional PDAF is definitely hitting the edges of its possibilities here."

To quote his own words ...

Perhaps you ought to try his method with your D800?

I'm sure Sergey would love to hone his photographic techniques to the same level as yours. Maybe to help him along you could link an example of Sergey's which lacks 'crisp fine detail'. Just one would do, because it would serve as a starting point to help Sergey along with some detailed constructive criticism which would help him improve his technique.

Just taking one from your own canon, is this the kind of 'crisp fine detail' he should be aiming for?

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