6D stolen feeling very glum

Started Jul 3, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: 6D stolen feeling very glum

bodtwo wrote:

My new 6d was stolen last night, along with lenses and filters. They also took my GX1 and my Pentax optio for swimming with the fishes pictures.

Waiting on police report and insurance assessor now.

Feeling very sad about this as I'd really enjoyed my few weeks with this camera. I know odd thing to share, but to share with a group of people who can relate makes it that tiny bit better.

Lock your doors, watch your stuff and love your loved ones.

were the cameras stolen from your home? if so, how did they know to target your cameras?  did they steal anything else, like jewelery, etc...? man,  what a bunch of scumbags. sorry for your loss.

this is even more emotional than getting your car stolen.

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