Celebrate our freedom by gifting unused gear

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Mel Snyder
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Celebrate our freedom by gifting unused gear

Some of you may have followed one of our overseas posters struggling over a lens he'd acquired in a bad eBay transaction in the "Dirty Lens" thread. Many of you offered all kinds of suggestions on how to avoid being stung again.

While I am sure the suggestions were well intentioned, they didn't fix the poster's immediate problem. He'd spent his money and didn't have a lens.

The fix was really easy. I had a mint spare of the 50mm lens he'd wanted. It had been sitting for years. So I got his address and mailed it to him. In fact, since he had the adapter for a Canon FD, I enclosed a second similarly spare 28mm lens. It cost me I think a whopping $16 to ship them - about the price of 4 Starbucks.

I know I have collected a lot of negatives here because I am pretty quick to jump on those who come onto the forum bashing different lenses or cameras. Our posts are read by users all over the world, including many for whom some of the routinely bashed lenses represent a month or more's salary for some, or a year or more of scrimping and saving.

Perhaps those of you who've got a drawer full of lenses and adapters you've run through but aren't likely to use again might consider donating them to fellow posters both here and abroad who aren't as fortunate as we are to live in this land of freedom and plenty - or may live here, but are struggling to put food on the family table and can only dream of what's lying unused in your drawers.

I don't know how we might organize a gifting service here on the Sony NEX Talk forum, but I am sure one of the organizers might have an idea of how it could be done.

Today is the Fourth of July. Let's open our cabinets and cases, and share the gear we'll never miss with those who could use it.


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