Why is my NEX not as good as RX100 or even LX5?

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Re: Why is my NEX not as good as RX100 or even LX5?

CosmoZooo wrote:

Actually, Gary, you brought up a great point regarding the Vivid mode...that's what I was going to say. I am not very good at PP and don't have the desire to spend much time on it either and for me the NEX-6 Standard processing was alway too blend and not sharp enough.

If you don't want to PP then you really should spend time to fine-tune the settings.  This is a bit more work, though, as sometimes you can't just go with Auto WB, for example, but in general, I haven't minded using Vivid and Saturation -1 and leaving it there.

I realized after some time looking at all the postings with sample images that I liked those that have a pop to them even though sometimes they do not represent real life colors - that's what many folks like on a photograph.

Exactly.  It may not be completely realistic, but maybe most people don't want complete realism.  Anyway, there's an adjustment for it.  I don't like colors to be too saturated, as it does look artificial and surreal past a certain point.  But a little bit of pop is nice.

I switched to Vivid (without changing anything) and I am a lot happier now. The images look punchy and crisp as Vivid also affects sharpness.

To the OP I strongly recommend switching to Vivid and doing this test again. Also f4 on the NEX will have a shallower DOF then RX100 so go up to say F8 and then compare results. I would be very surprised if you found that RX100 is still better.

Well, it depends on what is meant by "better".  Were the photos compared only by judging the noise level?  Or details in the corners?  Etc....

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