Do you think the video quality of the OMD EM5 is better than the E-PM2?

Started Jul 3, 2013 | Questions thread
jalywol Veteran Member • Posts: 8,999
Re: Yes

Virhua wrote:

Good points. I think I will just have to live with the video quality. Can't beat the quality of the still shots which is my primary focus on the safari. The videos are nice additions to the vacation pictures but they don't have to be of stellar quality.

I am a newbie and still haven't figured out how to post video clips. I am getting results very similar to those posted on the Image Resource sight:

What I may end up doing is bringing a small camcorder with me. It is so hard to find the perfect camera system that does it all!

You really might want to get the G5....Panasonic video codecs are really much better than the ones in the Olympus cameras.  I know you want to use the same menu system, but honestly, it's not that big an adjustement going from one to the other...and the G5 can be had on special for some very appealing prices lately....


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