Sick of these tech companies delaying the 4K

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Re: Sick of these tech companies delaying the 4K

jbwong wrote:

Who, without any 4k experience, proclaims with zero credibility ...

There are already rumors for the new Sony One smartphone will have 4k video recording.

Substantiate your source.  Must be a moronic joke or cyber-porn fancy.  4k on a smartphone screen is an absolute and utter waste.  You must be testing others' credulity, or else proclaim your own sad clinical deficiencies.

After the success of new GoPro, there should be a lot more cameras including DSLR shooting 4k in the coming few years.

The GoPro "4k" has a rather low frame rate. What bumbling fool would use that setting for action POV video?

Who, in blasted perdition, has a 4k display to check whether the GoPro "4k" is worth the price of an an advanced GPU and display requisite to see it?

There are a very few issues concerning the 4k though, mainly the storage capacity of the new medium, equipments updates and the TV broadcasting.

Duh. Pray tell, which broadcasters offer any 4k content? What advertisers will pay for something none of the audience could see?

The so called 4k TV marked up really ridiculously pricy so they can make huge profit every single time for this "Revolutionary" upgrade

Wrong. Some 4k displays are already cheaper than HD ones were in 2006. One PRC firm already sells a display for under $2k.  The real problem is lack of content and lack of ostensible advantage. 3D, which could at least rely on gamers and 10 year-olds fond of pop-out special effects, has failed.  Why would any investor or consumer bet on the virtues of a resolution for which there is no supporting content and which, unless the screen is >80" and at one's nose, confers no advantage?

whereas the technology was already there back in 10 years ago.

Buck Rodgers was flying in space 60 years ago.  At least in comic books.  Is that what you mean?

JVC performed a very heroic role by introducing a $5k 4k camcorder over a year ago.  Alas, there have been very few followers.  Perhaps they recognize that, unless a display panel is very large and very close, there is no perceptible advantage relative to 1080p.  Worse, the added cost of obtaining and processing 4k video vastly offsets the (negative!) revenue advantage.

Do you also fault conspiratorial forces for the failure of 3D to sweep the markets?

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