Fuji X-m1 /18-55 or Ricoh GR ?

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Re: Fuji X-m1 /18-55 or Ricoh GR ?

Ray Sachs wrote:

chris24net wrote:

I haven't shot nearly as much with the GR as the Fuji since I just recently got the GR, but I don't think the Fuji sacrifices any quality to the GR. Ray thinks the Ricoh might be a bit better and he has more experience with the GR, so he may be right. But the difference, if any, is probably so minimal that other factors like focal length flexibility, controls, etc. are more important.

ONLY that it might be slightly better in low light, where I think Fuji overstates its ISO. And only arguably and not by much. Other differences are strictly a matter of taste - nothing quantifiable. I personally prefer the Fuji's natural colors to the Ricoh's, although either can be manipulated. I prefer Fuji colors to just about ANY other camera's colors though - not just Ricoh! Just shot with nothing but the XE1 and 14mm all day today in Positano - perfect camera for THAT job! Fuji's colors blow my mind every time I go back to them after not shooting with one for a while...

BTW, your work is amazing Chris - really inspirational!


Thanks Ray!

And great images on your Flickr as well.  Gotta love the 14mm.

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