Fuji X-m1 /18-55 or Ricoh GR ?

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Re: Fuji X-m1 /18-55 or Ricoh GR ?

Note that X-M1 will be distributed with a new zoom lens: 16-50mm, NOT the 18-55mm you mentioned. The 16-50 has not been tested yet. See initial impressions here:


If architecture photography is your main interest Fuji has absolutely excellent 14mm lens (see review on this site) with very, very low distortion, perfect for architecture and landscape photography. Two lens set: 14mm and 16-50 appears to cover all your needs. Additionally the X-M1 system offers tilted LCD screen, perfect for discrete waist level photography.

The main advantage of Ricoh GR is small size, but of course it has only one non removable lens, and an optional wide angle lens adapter, thus you can have only two focal lengths: 28mm and 21mm (in 35mm equivalent terms). With the wide angle adapter the GR is not that small any more.

frobertv wrote:

Hi, I have been wanting to buy myself a Ricoh GR but its not available here in the Netherlands. At the moment I see the X-M1 being advertised with the 18-55 zoom. It should be available before the Ricoh in the Netherlands.

I am an architect and would love the 28 (eq) mm on my trips abroad and generaly for work. But for family photos the Fuji with its zoom 28-80 (eq) would be a better choice.

I am wondering if the Fuji with the zoom could be more or less as good at 28 mm as the Ricoh GR. The price difference between the Ricoh and the Fuji X-M incl. 18-55 is about 10 to 15%. If the IQ of the Fuji is not too far off from the Ricoh I think I would be happier with the zoom.

IQ is very important. Pocketable is not an issue as much. At the end of the day I am more concerned with IQ than size.

Anyone here who has been using the Fuji X system with the 18-55 as well as the Ricoh GR. Small chance I think but there might be a few who could help me out with some advise.


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