What will happen with D800 prices when D4x is introduced?

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Re: What will happen with D800 prices when D4x is introduced?

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Assuming a super high-megapixel D4x is released around September (which I think is likely, although of course I'm guessing), what do you think will happen with D800 prices?

Will the prices of D800 go down, or are the cameras that different that they won't compete?

IMHO, I don't think there will be a D4x.

D4s, Yes!! And I hope it's CF Card Only and they abandon that silly XQD Format!!
I run three D4 Bodies and I hate the fact that I only have one card slot, yes, I do have XQD Cards, but I never use them in the field!! I can't deal with two different formats on the road.

XQD is one of the best feature of D4 - which makes D4 capable of sustaining high fps bursts.

I have fired 80 Frame Bursts on 300X CF without buffering!! And I don't need another Card or Reader on the road!!

Try doing that in uncompressed 14 bit raw!!

The XQD is faster tha CF and more importantly has more scope to increase that speed with development. this is of massive benefit to thoes that shoot fast bursts. Cf technology is currently a limiting factor and this will become increasingly apparent as framerates and pixels increase.

I shoot Lossless Compressed 14 Bit Raw!!

I have yet to see an Images that is Loosing ANYTHING from Lossless Compressed 14 Bit RAW, and yes, I do this for a living and buying 20 XQD Cards is NOT going to pay for itself in one year, nor it will make me more money than the 20 16GB Cards I already have!!  It's a matter of Dollars and Sense!!  If it doesn't make me MORE Dollars, it DOES NOT make ANY sense!!

I have yet to be limited by the CF technology I have and it's PAID FOR!!
I do this for a living and I measure my investment by their return!!

FWIS, one one National Event, I would shoot between 20-30K Images with the Limited D3 Buffer, now with this D4 Limitless Buffer and yes, I have yet to buffer out with CF Cards, I'm afraid of what I might shoot on this years Nationals!!
I have more of a Handicap by having only one CF Card on the camera than by having a CF card instead of an XQD.

I have three XQD's, my contact told me that they are NOT selling!!

I'm NOT investing any more money on them!!

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