Lumix 25mm or Oly 45 for still life?

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Re: Lumix 25mm or Oly 45 for still life?

BHPhotog wrote:

I've been trying to decide between these two lenses for my OM-D for still life. Currently I have the 12-50 and it makes it easy to set once and then zoom to find the right composition, but I'd like to get more IQ out of the camera.

Looking at archived images, most of the time I was in the 19-30mm range on my old DSLR setup, and that would lead me to the 25mm. But the 45mm would work, just a bit further back from the subject.

Either lens would work, and price aside, I'd like some opinion on which folks with still experience would choose: the longer lens further back or the shorter lens in closer for composition. Perhaps it's too subjective, but I thought I'd try and I'd appreciate any input. Thanks,

I think the 25mm works better for me... Once question: How much DOF do you want?  If you need a bit deeper DOF, then the 25mm is a much better choice.  Also, if you do not have a lot of room to step back from the subjects, you may run out of space before you can include two subjects within the 45mm field of view...whereas with the 25mm, you can always walk closer if you want the subjects to fill more of the frame, while still being able to back up enough to get the whole tableau in without being across the room.

So, my vote is for the 25mm.


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