Anyone had E-PL5 problems?

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Re: Anyone had E-PL5 problems?

n0bby wrote:

I've been totally converted to the micro four thirds system, due to its stellar IQ and portability versus the weight of a D-SLR solution. So, for some time now I've been using a Lumix GX1 and GH2 with a variety of lovely lightweight Panny and Oly lenses.

I recently bought an E-PL5, as it had been really highly reviewed and it offers wireless connectivity. But the one I got has been "buggy" since purchase.

The most obvious fault has been a severe under-exposure on random shots. In a recent trip to "Tankfest" (a two day event at the Bovington Tank Museum in Dorset), I took about 350 shots with the Oly body, and about 15 of them (that according to the metering info should have been fine) resulted in almost totally black images.

I also experienced some occurrences of the camera "locking up" when the shutter was pressed, then a couple of seconds of inactivity, then the shutter firing. And to top it all, on reviewing the final images, the jpgs all have a hot pixel (although after processing the RAW files, this seems to be eradicated - which is rather neat!).

So I'm sending the camera back for a replacement, but in the meantime, I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has encountered any similar problems with their E-PL5. Googling the issues doesn't seem to result in any hits, so hopefully I just got unlucky with a duff unit. (And for the record, my Lumix GX1 and GH2 continue to give faultless service!)

Most everyone so far has seemed to have pretty good luck with the EPL5 and EPM2.  No problem with my EPM2 so far, either.

What this looks like is a bad shutter.  I am sure the replacement will be fine.

Oh, and hot pixels?  Just use the pixel mapping function in the menu (your Panasonics have it also).  It will make it go away.....


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