Concerned about articulated backs.

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rickyred wrote:

What do you do in the woods? Bash your camera against trees? I have carried my 60D for years in tough conditions with no problems. The best thing is you can flip the screen over so it doesn't get damaged. I love that the new 70D has a touch screen. Less clutter. I take stills, never touched the video button and I have grown to really like canons flip screen. It would be hard for me to move from my 7D to 7D2 without a flip screen with touch. The 7D,7D2 is still not so called true pro camera.

Other than being APS-C instead of full frame, what is the 7D lacking to make it a pro level camera? It's got dual image processors plus another processor just for the autofocus, it's got am among the fastest and deepest burst shooting, an AF system that is extremely advanced, magnesium body, 100% viewfinder, the list goes on and on.

Where is it less than a pro camera? Needing a second memory card slot perhaps?

When I bought mine recently I had no thoughts of it being a pro camera but the more I've learned about it, the more obvious it is that it's not missing anything that would disqualify it from being 'pro' other than not being FF. I had no information that any professionals used it but it seems that some use it as at least a backup camera and I've read that for some it is their main camera.

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