The words that are going to hang Zimmermen

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Chato wrote:

I know, I know. You keep a keen edge on your keyboard at all times. And the temperature of the hot air inside you is enough to incinerate the Zimmermans of this world, without you ever reaching for a mouse button.

You have a peculiar attitude about what is a threatening situation. It's apparently perfectly harmless to follow someone in a closed vehicle, pacing you as you walk, not uttering a word, not asking a question EVEN when the person you're following stops and looks at you. And when you run from such a threat, you regard being chased by the driver, the silent threatening driver, as perfectly normal. Whereas to believe you're being followed by this person, and believing he's going to do you harm, is somehow Irrational, and bogis.

Now tell me, why a kid with No Record of Violence suddenly acts like this? He just likes to beat people up for kicks?


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To me, this is a not to difficult to see clearly. The jury will, I think, see it too. Two individuals with two different agendas. Trevan Martin is coming back from a convenience store. If not for the actions of George Zimmerman, he would have arrived at the house he was going to. George Zimmerman, having the idea in his head that burglers are in the area, saw Travan Martin as obviously casing housing to break into them. His actions caused all events that followed. And he was packing. That is very important as it determined his confrontational attitude that escalated -the what otherwise would have been less than terminal following events. Rather than identify himself "I'm a community neighborhood member watching the neighborhood, said' "What are you doing around here?" If he wasn't packing, a mutual understanding would have resulted. Not this. So, who is responsible? Even after George Zimmerman knew he had killed a high school kid- not a criminal- , in the interview with the detectives, referred to Trevan Martin as, "that fu c ing punk. The detective corrected him and said, he wasn't a 'fu king punk.' (when the detective in testimony, said, he thought Zimmerman was being honest in his interview, it was a harsh condemnation of Zimmerman - yes he honestly believed he did nothing wrong.) George Zimmerman is legally responsible for the unnecessary death of a 17 year old highschooler with no criminal history by his reckless actions. Johnsonj keeps throwing out the word, 'moran'. That word should be given to the lawyer of and of Zimmerman. What do you think the difference in sentencing will be without acknowledging responsibility? About twelve extra years in prison before being eligible for parole.


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