gel fail and grey background

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Re: you are putting too much spill on the background.

drh681 wrote:

That is, the main light is washing into and reducing the color.

If the back drop is translucent, you could try lighting from behind for the color.


To have full control of coloring your background with gels is to start with no light on the background.  Your set up here will never work.  Unless the back board is black but them you will need a lot of power to get that color to show up PLUS with all the power, it may spill onto your subject.

Use the same set up.  Take away the white board in the back.  get a bigger one, or white wall and get it far enough away it receives no light form the main light.  Easy to check with test shots.  Even white will photograph black when no light hits it.  NOW put the gelled light back there.  Different power settings will result in different tones of purple and pink from light to vibrant to dark.

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