Fuji XE-1 post processing

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Re: Fuji XE-1 post processing

First off—congratulations; I'm sure you'll be very happy with the camera and lenses.

This is a really hot topic right now. I assume you are mainly asking about RAW conversion. Neither version you have will recognize Fuji RAW files, so you'll minimally need to upgrade to LR 4; it looks like with PS there's no way to buy PS6 anymore; I think you need to lease by the month now.

There are A LOT of threads about RAW conversion. Heres a quick survey, and I know I will miss people's favorite programs:

1. Silkypix—pros: very good conversion, and it's free (with the camera). cons: very different interface.

2. LR 4 or newer PS—basically you need to run the most recent Camera Raw. Pro: for many photos will be as good as any of the other converters; allows easy use of plugins like NIK and Topaz; familiar interfaces. Cons: some images will still be a bit problematic.

3.  Use camera internal conversion. This is supposed to work pretty well, but you do always end up with an 8 bit jpg, so you lose a lot of adjustment mojo.

4.  Aperture is working pretty well according to many. I'm not sure if you can download a trail version though—worth a look.

5. Capture One (express or Pro) I've just switched to this and am really enjoying the way it works with X images. I think one can get equal results from a combination of PS (or LR) and say, NIK sharpener; but I'm finding this really easy to consistently get better results than the OOC jpgs, which has not been the case with other converters for me. (This also speaks to how lovely the OOC jpgs are...)

6. Irridient- their latest (I think it's Mac only?—) has much control over several different types of conversion. I downloaded the trial, and plan on experimenting some with it.

7 DC Raw, RRP, etc. These all did a better job with detail than the original Adobe version did, but I always had issues with colors from them Nothing that couldn't be worked around.

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