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I got to try several out today..

howardfuhrman wrote:


One alternative to either of the two system that you are considering is either and LX7 or Sony RX100 (or the new RX100 II). Since you are retaining your Nikon 300 and replacing it, why not get something that is very small that is capable of taking excellent photos. Both of my suggestions are less money than the two systems that you are considering.

Hi Howard.  I got to go to a shop today and I held the different cameras.  It was very interesting.  Here's some random thoughts:

The J1 seems very small.  Which is good until I saw the 10-100 lens.  that thing is huge.  bigger than the m4/3 equivalent.  I can't imagine the J1 with the 10-100.  and I think the point about not having a viewfinder is a good one.

The V2 was very  nice.  not much bigger than J1 but you get a viewfinder and better grip.  would be nice for the big 10-100.

I'm not sure I'd get the 10-100.  it's just not as portable as I like.  it's lighter than my nikon & 18-200 but not very compact.

The Panasonic GF6 & GX1 were nice, a bit bigger than the Nikon but probably worth it in terms of image quality.

The Samsung NX was very cool.  I forget the model, NX200 or 2000.  It was not much bigger than the J1 and it's a much bigger sensor.  I liked it a lot.  It's more expensive but the lenses are not really more.  Very tempting.

The Sony RX-100 felt nice but it didn't have power so I couldn't try it.  but I can see what the fuss is about.  It's truly portable and compact.  and I think I may be leaning towards this.  At $650 it's half the price of the full m4/3 & Nikon 1 kits.  I'm not sure if I need the RX-100 II.  Some people are not that impressed with it, many say the color and quality is worse.  I hope when RX-100 II comes out the RX-100 will drop in price.

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