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Pros and cons of E1

I still have mine, having also gone through E410, E510, E30 and EP2, EM5, and perhaps other Olys that I can't remember.

IMO, the reason to use E1 today is just the way it fits your hand, feels and sounds - very nice damped shutter.  It is still a pleasure to use, and is a very easy camera to pick up and shoot without having to go through a long learning period.  No 'quirks' to learn how to work around.  It just feels nice in the hand and it is quiet and smooth.

Image wise, I think it still competes pretty well ---- unless you want to crop or you want to pixel peep, then it doesn't compete at all.  And it doesn't shoot high ISOs, probably 800 is highest you'd want to use.  Maybe 1600 with care.

Detail is fine, including such things as hair - the E1 was made before noise reduction on raws was even done, so there is no smearing or loss of resolution. And the lenses are good, so there is good detail captured to begin with.  You just can't crop, there is no room for that.  And you can't zoom in to 100% to ooh and ahh at the detail, there isn't any 'zoom' there.  Prints are good, even large ones, but you will see resolution differences fairly quickly, probably after 8x10" (doesn't mean you are limited to 8x10", just that you will see differences with higher pixel cameras).

Cons - LCD is tiny and dated, camera performance is slower than newer cameras, focus is slow and difficult in low light and only 3 focus points.  No live view or video available, no IS.  And I'm serious, you can't crop or pixel peep for the fun of it.  Doesn't do high ISO.

You might also consider the E30, if you can find a used one.  You get the performance of the E5, other than viewfinder size and weather sealing, in a smaller body and probably much cheaper camera. The E30 has 12 MP, but I'd choose between them on the basis of camera performance, not pixels. Pixels are overrated, except for cropping or pixel peeping.

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