Client Insists on shooting with medium format film, why? this is 2013

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Re: but you'd give up lots of $

So a client sees my work and likes my work.  Doesn't have a clue as to how I shot ANY of the images in but really likes my images.  We meet and they like me, still like my images, my prices, etc.  THEN they tell me "Oh, you HAVE TO shoot this medium format film."

Oh yes, you can be certain I will ask WHY and if THEY don't know why, yes, I would considered them NOT qualified to be a client for me.  That's okay  300 weddings a week go on in this town on average.  I can find another one.

Name me ONE top 10 wedding photographer that shoots ONLY medium format film.  Just one.  I'm actually curious.  Jeff Ascough?  No.  Joe Buissink?  No. (maybe some 35mm b&w here and there).  Denis Reggie?  No.  Yervant?  Oh hell no.  Ghionis?  I could go on and on.  So what LOCAL guy are they going to find that captures fantastic MOMENTS with medium format?

I'd educate them that I would be stuck with a certain ISO.  Hope it's the right one at the time.  Carrying two bodies and lenses would be a pain.  Unless you have deep pockets and don't have certain lenses, like a 250 or 350 or super wide angle, chances are I''d be limited to certain "looks".  Changing film backs would be a pain.  I'm certainly not going to shoot more than say 300-400 shots.  Digital I can get a couple of thousand IF need be.  Film could get jammed in the camera.  Jammed or even lost in processing.  I know and have digital backed up even before I leave the wedding.  Will they want retouching?  Um, I'll have to scan the neg to do that.  Don't know too many who still retouch prints or negs. Do they want prints in their album or digitally designed?

I'd ask them all the pros of shooting medium format.  Most images go no bigger than 8x10.  ANY current dslr delivers great quality to that size.  16x20 is capable with most as well.  Medium format is great but it really has no real advantage over digital.  Al least none that can't be argued.

They probably just read about medium format and how great it is.  And it is.  Always will be.  But for the "look" of todays weddings?  There is a reason ALL of the top wedding pros, and every other wedding pro no longer uses it.  It's not really the right tool for THAT job anymore.

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