Camera brand observations is Paris, France

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Camera brand observations is Paris, France

I was in Paris for the last 2 weeks and this is what I noticed about what the tourists used. I went there with my OM-D E-M5 and a G3 as a backup + my RX100.

In order of popularity:

1) By far the most used were smartphones. A surprising number were tablets. I think the large viewing area of tablets seem to appeal to a lot of people.

2) DSLRs were the next most popular. Budget DSLRs from Canon and Nikon were the most popular camera hanging from the necks of tourists.

3) Superzoom bridge cameras were next.

4) Compact point and shoots. Panasonic, Canon, Sony and Nikon were the next most popular

5) Next were the Canon 5D MK II and MK III and I saw a few Nikon D800's. Then there was the "I need a massive Pro DSLR" group with their Canon 1D series or Nikon D4. It was funny to see an obviously rich Chinese tourist shopping in Galeries Lafayette with his family and TWO Canon 1D X DSLRs hanging from a dual harness.

6) Mirrorless - By far the most I saw were the Nikon 1 series. The owners of these cameras were mostly Japanese women with white being the preferred color.. Next came the Sony NEX line. This was followed by Olympus and then Panasonic mirrorless.

7) I saw two Leica M9s and someone with an old Rolleiflex!

As for myself, I used my OM-D about 65% of the time and the RX100 about 35%.  The OM-D IQ  beats the RX100 (to me), but the convenient small size of the RX100 is really really really nice.  Inside any of the beautiful old dimly lit churches in Paris, the OM-D was my go to camera.

Canon EOS 5D Canon EOS-1D Canon EOS-1D X Nikon D4 Nikon D800 Olympus OM-D E-M5 Sony RX100
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