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Who needs RAW part 2.

OK, bear with me folks.  Linked is a selfie I took on the same day as the one in Who needs RAW? part 1.  It too is a JPEG.  Open the link, go to the gallery view, to Original and open the original to see it.  It's a JPEG.  Background highlights are blown.  No big deal.


My 2nd Who needs RAW question is:  Would RAW have made this a better image?  Not to me.  More perfect IQ maybe, but not a better overall image in terms of resolution (see the pores on my face), hues (spot on), composition (Nah.).  For my wants the JPEG version is perfect.  Not techie perfect but perfect for sharing with my friends who know me.

JPEG is perfect enough.  For me.

OK, your take on this?

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