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The E1 is about color

Looking back over my collection, I can always pick out the E1 daytime shots by looking at the sky. The E1 could capture blue skies like no other camera - there is a bit of extra 'depth' that just isn't quite there with later cameras. That describes the color in general - E1 shots have a bit more of a '3D' look to them than an E330, or any of the later 4/3 bodies. Perhaps with a lot of careful PP, one can liven up more modern sensor output, but the E1 does it naturally. That old Kodak sensor may not have been much past ISO800, but at ISO100, it's beautiful.

With all this E1 chat, I think I'll take mine off the shelf and reactivate it. Let's see what it can do with a 35-100 in front of it. Something I did with my E1 to aid in MD was to add a Katzeye focus screen, with focus ring and split prism. Aside from being terrific for MF, it adds a nice 'retro' look through the VF, reminds me of my old Nikon F.

Actually, if I can say this without getting anything thrown at me... if you want greatly improved DR, live histogram, shadow/highlight, and DOF previews in the VF, and still have a relatively small solution, there is another alternative. It's called an OM-D. If you can live with slower AF (though not much slower than the E1), the fast ZD zooms will work on it. I use my fast 4/3 glass more than M43 glass on my OM-D.

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