E-M5 ugly buttons - just me ?

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E-M5 ugly buttons - just me ?


I have had a second opportunity to test Olympus E-M5. One guy was selling it for quite a nice price and he was close to my residence. I have tried this E-M5 beast in a shop in Prague. Well I did not like it. But I just wanted to bu sure with that feeling.

Hmm did not like it again.

Main reasons:

1) Totaly ugly buttons - they were pushing by themself but when I wanted to push them they did not push. Mad stuff.

2) Grip - too small grip and with an added vertical grip top back wheel could not be accesed easily - for me it was almost impossible to reach it.

3) Freezing - I don't know what firmware version was installed there but camera froze 2 times during my 1 hour testing.

Am I the only person who thinks that this camera is an unusable beast ? I can not undestand why everybody praises it again and again. Yes I understand that it has nice features and a good sensor but is it everything what you guys need ?

Did you get used to it or it was OK since day 1 ? I'm really interested because I would like to make any upgrade soon or later.


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