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Re: 50D to...???

priandhikasak wrote:

so i'm thinking about upgrading my 50D but still unsure in deciding which camera to replace it. the choices are:

1. the-one-year-younger 7D

2. the-newly-released 70D

3. cheaper-canon 700D

4. wait-for-the 7D2

5. stick with my 50D (since i haven't find suitable camera yet)

as a xxD user, i fancy the magnesium-alloy body and the versatility of the dial button on the back of the cam. and i feel that both 60D and its successor 70D gives an awkward feeling. i dont really care about videos and articulated or touch-screen lcd. i was thinking to upgrade it to 7D but hey! its only 1 year younger than mine and still cost $1200! my budget are around $1000-$1500, $1700 are considerable though. any comments are appreciated!

I must ask:  What types of things you photograph?  What lenses do you currently have?  Really good glass does make a difference.

I upgraded from a 40d to 7d about a year after it came out.  And the 7d has recently received a fairly major operating system upgrade.  Likely the most serious upgrade canon has ever done to an existing camera.  The handling of the 7d is very similar to the 50d which I now also have by the way.  But the 7d is much more responsive.  The focusing system alone is worth the extra price for me.  I tried the 60d next to the 7d.  For me there was no question the 7d was where I wanted to be.

Based upon 'rumors' the 7d2 may be announced some time in mid to late 2013.  Or it may be 2014.  If you must have a new camera I'd say look at the 7d.  It's still a good option.


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