What will happen with D800 prices when D4x is introduced?

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Re: I'd like a D5

Yamil R. Sued wrote:

Newguy703 wrote:

I'd like a 30+ MP camera in hardcore pro body, make it a d800 with built in wifi and increased speed, call it a D5 and Ill pay 5k for it

Do you own stock in Seagate?? Or DROBO??
A 30 MP body?? For what??
One of my D2X Images was printed 16x24......FEET!!!
I shoot for Magazines, they have to reduce my D800 Files by over 50%!!

i thought this argument died out already.  I refer you to the d800, just because you do not see a benefit in high mp's dose not mean others do not. If you want less pixels get a d4.

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