Concerned about articulated backs.

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Re: Concerned about articulated backs.

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Well, then the buttons must go somewhere else because trying to push the 7DII as a cinema device without a flip screen would be an epic fail. But what the hec, they gave us the 70D with all this improved focus for movie mode, and left off the headphone jack so you can't monitor that nice mic you just plugged in to the mic jack on the 70D. Another Epic fail. Thanks, Canon.

Well maybe Canon and others ought to decide what they are making, a still camera with video capabilities or a video camera with still capabilities. I buy my camera soley on the basis of its still capabilities and I have never even moved the switch on my 7d to the video position. If I would lose stills functionality to accomodate more video capability then I will not be upgrading.

How about a camera adept at both stills and video for people open to both? These modern cameras are amazing for people not stuck in one paradigm. For me, a dream come true since I've been doing both stills and video for many decades, and now can use the same high-quality lenses and one body for both. I guess Canon is gearing cameras for guys like me - thanks, Canon!

Of course, YMMV.

Which is great as long as one side does not have to lose functionality to accomodate the other side.

No idea what YMMV means by the way!

YMMV = Your Milage May Vary (this all might be different from your your perspective)

BTW = By The Way

Confluence = the flowing together of two or more streams

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