Continuation of my Nikon D4 assymetrical AF saga Part III

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Update 3rd July 2013

On June 27th 2013 I sent yet another e-mail to Mr Kimura Makoto & CC-ed several other Nikon reps from Malaysia, Singapore as well as 2 newspapers in Japan. In my e-mail I attempted to clarify the validity of the following 7 points as well as a bold statement;




1. Nikon Japan is exempt from responsibility as Hong Kong is the main distributor of the product in Asia-Pacific region.
2. Nikon Japan does not acknowledge the issue as a manufacturing defect.
3. Nikon Japan does not acknowledge that the similar issue of the D800 left focusing phenomenon is a defect and to Nikon Japan, it is a matter of customer preference although it has once been acknowledged at Photokina 2012 that it is a result of AF Module Misalignment.
4. Nikon Malaysia is exempt from responsibilities as the main distributor of the camera is Nikon Hong Kong.
5. Nikon Singapore is obliged to be responsible for my case as (1.) I am a Citizen of Singapore and although (2.) The camera warranty terms fall under the control of Nikon Malaysia.
6. The Nikon D4 is manufactured in Japan, Nikon Sendai Factory.
7. In the case of a possible manufacturing defect which occurs in a Nikon manufacturing facility in Japan, Nikon Corporation Japan remains exempt from responsibilities of these products if they are distributed outside of Japan by other authorized distributors or subsidiaries.

I have reason to believe that on various fronts, certain members within the Nikon Global organization have been attempting to confuse me and purposely rendering it difficult or impossible for my problem to be resolved in an effective manner.



On the 2nd of July, a rep from Singapore replied on behalf of Nikon Corp. with the following e-mail;


We denied the allegations and reserve the right to pursue this matter at a later date.

Meanwhile pls kindly send in your camera for further checking.


I replied asking to clarify which allegations are being denied by them (or all) and what was meant by "the right to pursue this matter at a later date". An e-mailed reply was not received and I had another meeting with service manager today on the 3rd of July. I was informed that Japan wishes to inspect my D4 again.

I will be sending the D4 to Japan again next week and will update all of you if any developments occur. This will mark the 5th time that the camera is being inspected outside of my country.

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