Canon 300mm f/4 with canon 1.4 or 2X extender (mk3 vs mk2) or 100-400mm

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Re: Canon 300mm f/4 with canon 1.4 or 2X extender (mk3 vs mk2) or 100-400mm

dhogaza wrote:

bhollis wrote:

In my opinion, for BIF, the most useful features by far are reach, sharpness, and fast AF. And in these respects, the 400 f/5.6L delivers better than any other reasonably priced option, IMO.

IS helps a lot with target aquisition, so to speak. Getting the camera to lock in can be tricky, and I find that IS helps me get a focus point over the bird much more easily than when the lens is jittery.

300/4 IS + 1.4x AF is plenty fast. I can add some photos of black terns in flight if you're still not convinced by the swallows and burrowing owl I've already posted (also shot with panning IS).

I don't think posting more shots will be helpful.  I can assure you that for every BIF shot you post taken with IS, others could post equally good or better BIF shots taken without IS.

For me it comes down to the following:  The 400 f/5.6L is sharper and has significantly faster AF than the 300 f/1.4L with a 1.4x TC attached.  And IMO, for BIF, these two factors more than trump any benefit that might be gained from IS.  Now, for other kinds of subject matter, e.g., birds on a perch, or terrestrial wildlife, I think IS becomes more important.

So I think you and I are just going to have to disagree on this one.

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