Ricoh GR or Nikon Coolpix A (if money is no object) ?

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Re: Ricoh GR or Nikon Coolpix A (if money is no object) ?

Tom Caldwell wrote:


They are both great cameras and either will make you happy. Not much help.

Ray Sachs has tried both and likes the Nikon A the best. Others prefer the GR. Most people on this forum have only tried the GR and do not know the Nikon A. On a Nikon forum it would be the other way around.

Not many would buy both to try them out. They are too similar in concept and performance.

In the end there is probably a style of use that does not show up in specifications. The Nikon A is for the less involved user for whom a camera that will require less personalised set up and will be immediately familiar out of the box. The Ricoh GR is after the style of more recent Ricoh camera offerings and repays some configuration attention from the user even if this is not really necessary. A good deal depends on how you see your own interface with the camera.

The Nikon A seems more the small camera you carry when you don't need your Nikon dslr, the GR is Ricoh's flagship that shows off their technical excellence and comes loaded as the most highly configurable user-friendly camea of it's type. It breeds Ricoh "camera tragics", almost a cult.

These things you don't read in the specifications.

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Tom Caldwell

I agree with you.

My only thought on where the NIkon A is superior to the Ricoh GR is the ring around the lens mount for focus.

If I was invested in a Nikon dSLR system, I would choose the Nikon A due to the similarity of the button controls and the menu structure.

For all other users, I would choose the Ricoh GR. I do not think most users will miss the focus ring since most Ricoh users would probably use snap focus instead.

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