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Re: RE: What about 5 MP DETAIL ?!?

Thanx a lot so far for Your oppinions!

It´s veroman who is convinced, that e-1 can deliver great detail even if it´s only 5 MP :-).


Unfortunatly i WAS( ) living on crete, but still returning whenever i can

Right in the moment i wouldn´t know how do earn my living there. These days we were running a small kafenion & shop in the south of crete near Matala. Kafenion & shop still exist, now run by our former partners (who founded the business 12 years ago) and their grown-up sun

With "enough" money in my pocket i wouldn´t hesitate a minute to grow my roots there again ... !!!

As a very happy Fuji S9100 photographer for years i of course have been interested in the Fuji S pro DSLR-line aswell. But somehow it never tempted me enough ..

Of course i am into colour and DR .. but i like to see DETAIL too!

I have been in contact with some convinced happy S3pro/S5pro-owners .. but not few of them gave it up because of the lack of fine-detail-rendering ..

To get a real good 20x30"-print You needed to have pretty advanced pp-skill plus time!

But of course, that´s what i have been told .. i haven´t tried myself.

Actually there is an offer in ebay-germany about a Fuji S 5 pro with removed AA-filter and tweaked OV http://www.ebay.de/itm/121135840485?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649

Unluckily it´s not many full-res E-1-images i can find f.e. on flickr:

First one great detail, but only 1024x.. .. next two examples more or less full resolution, macro probably cutted ..




THAT´s what i call detail!

(BTW some great E-1-pix if Your search for E-1 on flickr and choose "interesting" .. )

But of course, IF I NEED only the best glass (as i was thinking so far: even "normal" Oly-lenses are pretty good) to come there .. i am out of the game ..

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