Is RAW+JPEG Really Necessary?

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Re: That call is actually getting harder, not easier.

Ron AKA wrote:

What puzzles me though is if it is true that every image starts out as RAW, then why can't they process multiple images in the camera, and give you a final composite RAW?

Well, whatever the various HDR processes do, existing algorithms are going to consider target brightness values of each photosite. And not only does that depend on the curve (which you could theoretically compensate for in looking at raw data) but also the demosaicing process ... if an area is bright red, then one photosite underneath a green or blue filter might give you a very low value ... the HDR algorithm will see that as dark in the raw file, but it's ultimately going to have a much higher "R" value in the converted file.

I have a lot to learn about using HDR. For now it may be better for me to do it PP when I have time to try options and see what they do. In camera I've only tried it a couple of times and I thought it may be the silver bullet for taking a good shot of a black dog. No. It just turned my black dog grey!!

I know that for multi-frame noise reduction, someone over on dyxum posted an example comparing the in-camera process to a burst of raw files processed in Lightroom and using something called LR/Enfuse:

LR multistack post

The results were superior.  (I haven't tried it yet ... one of the disadvantages to all raw, I guess, is that if the feature isn't built in, I don't think of doing it !)

- Dennis

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