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Re: Elinchrom Quadra and lastolite soft box

So in a major quest to find a suitable softbox setup for the Quadra without the El adapter (necessary for the regular Elinchrom Rotalux series) I bought the original Lastolite Elinchom adapter and a 21-inch (or 24-inch pending the measure) Joe McNally version of the Lastolite softbox. In my experience, the softbox is too heavy for that mounting solution and droops. Great if you've got an assistant, no so much if you use a stand.

Lastolite apparently got feedback similar to that because the way the Quadra mounts to the EzyBox II is totally different. There is a difference between the Ezybox and Ezybox II mounting system (just go to the Lastolite site and look at the videos -- it's the easiest way to see the difference. The Ezybox II also allows for mounting big strobes.

I can/will use the Lastolite softbox I bought for the speedlight kit that came with it (it does droop but the speedlight bracket helps alleviate that). Those little metal Lastolite Quadra adapters fit wonderfully in a 12-inch speedlight beauty dish.

I do own bigger Elinchrom lights and have used the Quadra with the EL adapter on Deep Octas but the adapter is so poorly made that it bends (the metal actually bends) with too much torque so I try and avoid that.

The best option I've found for the Quadra heads are the Chimera Octa Plus 2 mounted via an RQ head. Pricey but it works.

Photoflex NXT Extra small Octaganal softboxes on the EL adapter are nice too (and less costly) but I prefer the light produced by the white interior of the Octa Plus 2.

A Westcott Apollo Orb, or any speedlight softbox that puts the head in a rear firing mode by inserting it through a zippered panel works well too (and produces a great soft light). It's actually a less expensive option than any of the others listed.

The Quadra itself is a wonderful manual light. Not quite powerful enough to overpower the noonday sun without something like Hypersync triggered through the Pocket Wizard Flex system, but great for fill and late afternoon/sunset work.

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