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E-1 - temptated .. but what about 5 MP DETAIL ?!?


After reading quite some lately about the "old jewel" E-1 i really started to be temptated .. !

BUT .. despite these special colours! .. i am wondering, if the 5 MP Kodak sensor is capable of delivering fine detail, like for example hair in a portrait .. the tiny sandstones on the beach a.s.o.

Of course i tried to find as many pictures in full resolution as i could. And i have to admit: most of them are showing great colours .. but hardly any of fine details i mean.

There are a few though that do .. but i am wondering if that is explained by removing the AA-filter, as some do, like http://digital-photography.pl/tweaking-olympus-e-1-antialiasing-filter-replacement/  that You all probably already know.

What are Your experiences?

Is owing AND USING a 10 years old DSLR like the E-1 now more than nostalgy?!

I don´t want to bore You with my background, so i`ll make it short:

My digital photagraphy era started 2007 by getting a Fuji S9100 (bridge). I have been very happy with that little machine, only big draw-back: 6s saving time per RAW-file (specially with that little sensor cam i didn´t bother to much about jpeg ooc - anyway the choice among RAW and jpeg was deep into the menu, so a decicion had to be made before taking pictures), and because of the small sensor hardly any possibilty to isolate a subject ..

After reading a lot - these days i have been living in crete, so no possibilty to just enter a big electronic super-marked and just play with cams - i decided to go with Olympus e-330 plus kit-lenses, plus 70-300 plus 3,5/35 macro. No high-grade, but pretty good lenses!

I LOVED many of the images this cam was able to deliver!!!

Anyway, after 2 years i sold the whole system, as i felt that DR was quite limited, specially some rude hilight-clipping bothered me a lot. The OV was ok, but i would have prefered a EVF with live-histogram a.s.o. These days Olympus didn´t have anything to offer like that .. actually the e-620 has just popped up.

Next was Sony SLT. Very much a digicam with a big sensor.

But i never was as happy with the pictures - colour and some 3D-like look in some Oly-pics - altough it was a nice cam to use and gave nice detail .. ISO usable up to 3200 (RAW) with some pp-work.

Now i am back to bridge: Fuji X-S1! Great cam. Very nice colours. Actually all minuses of my old S9100 solved.

Anyway: for some "special work" i would like to have a DSLR .. using the Fuji as an everyday-cam that more or less follows me everywhere.

So i was planing to get the e-330 again ..

But then i started to "get involved" into the e-1!

Well, even if the newer e-330 has a 7,5 MP-sonsor it exactly wasn´t famous for delivering subleme detail ..

What are Your experiences and suggestions?


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