NEX6 has a fatal flow?

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Re: NEX6 has a fatal flow?

Cheepnis wrote:

Un dbutant wrote:

First: Auto ISO in M mode makes M not realy manual, but stil an Auto mode

Second: There are cameras that have this option, but not all other cameras, it is a feature that is liked by a small amount of photographers.

Third: It is not implemented in any Sony camera AFAIK. But you could ask Sony directly to make it possible in a FW update. But it has to be a complete new mode (Lets call it I mode(for Auto ISO manual rest)

I do not know if it is possible to enter a new shooiting mode in tnhe Nex 6 as it has a hardware mode dial.

anyone who does not need autoiso in M mode does not own a prime lens
autoiso in M mode with prime lens is a blessing indeed
you set speed to avoid blur and you set aperture to set dof and the camera sets the right iso for you
every camera shuld have what pentax has: Tav
Tav is like auto iso in M mode but you have the luxury of AE bracketing (the iso changes)
how cool is that?
too bad most camera buyers fall for ads and dont exactly know whats good or bad
like those in this nex forum

While your blanket statements do seem like a little too obvious attempt at the art of trolling, I got curious: why would a prime lens benefit more from auto iso in manual mode than a zoom lens?

He is trying to say that on a slow zoom, control of DOF is not so crucial so you may be able to get away with shutter priority where you set shutter speed and ISO and camera chooses an aperture.

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