Which is the better lens the sony 50-300 or the Tamron sp 75-300

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No comparison, but some real world experiences with the Tamron

Hi Edward,

I don't know how good the Sony is, I just can give you a few experiences with the Tamron

- First, the Sony telezoom lenses are said to be produced by Tamron, I heard that the Sony 70-300G has the same optical calculation as the Tamron 70-300 SP. I just heard that, I don't have a proof about it.

- My Tamron is sharp and bright with a good, smooth bokeh up to 250mm.
- Stopping down 1 stop makes it even better. Perfectly crisp pictures. 135mm @ f8 equals perfect portraits. And yes, I think f8 makes the background blurry enough. 
- At 300mm, there's a visible decline in sharpness. Some unsharp masking in PP, and it is fine, nevertheless I try to avoid the 300mm.
- Yeah it's bulky. I used it with my A37 which was too tiny to get good ergnonomics. I sold the A37 and got the A58. So you see, I like the Tamron .

best regards

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