Ricoh GR or Nikon Coolpix A (if money is no object) ?

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Re: Ricoh GR or Nikon Coolpix A (if money is no object) ?

Troels Oesteraa wrote:

But if cost was left out of the equation, would people then choose the A over the GR based on such things as image neutrality, build quality, and LCD screen quality? I don't want this to end with the battle of "Made in China" vs. "Made in Japan", but just objectively speaking.

Both cameras are very similar and build quality of the GR is excellent as it is for all Ricoh cameras, Nikon is also very good so there won't be any difference.

The GR is smaller and lighter and should fit in a pocket better due to the strap lugs not being exposed as on the Nikon.

The GR screen is better as it is higher resolution and should be better in bright light.

The built in ND filter and faster shutter speed available are also very nice to have and speak more towards the GR.

In terms of image quality, if you process RAW files and use a correct profile both should be nearly identical, the JPGs will be different but ca be tweaked in canera so there should not be a huge dofference and is in the end all about subjective preference.

But if money is no object, order both, pick both up and keep the one that feels better in hand.

One other thing to consider is that you can control the GR with one hand while you wil need two for the Nikon.

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